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We offer 100% Natural Spring Water or Deionized Water

16.9 oz. Bottles - Pack of 24

Water Dispensers and Filtration Systems

We offer both standing water dispensers and bottleless filtration coolers.

Water Dispensers

• Available for purchase or rent

• Food grade stainless steel hot tank and cooling tank

• Large and durable drip trays

• High quality and efficient compressor for reliable, consistent performance

• Available in white or black



Filtration Systems

• Two temperature system: Cold: 37-50° F, Adjustable  |  Hot: 180° F, Autocontrol
• LED indicator for Hot and Cold water on the
front panel
• Tall fill opening allows larger cups, mugs or
reusable bottles
• Hygienic dispensing touch pad control with no-
touch dispensing faucet
• Easy to clean control panel
• Individual on/off control switches for cold and
hot water on rear panel
• Attractive LED lighted dispense area
• Award winning design

How soon can you expect your order?

Here at Blue Ridge Springs we strive to keep our turn around time to a minimum! Typically once your initial order is placed we will have your items to you the next business day. If you would like to place an order please fill out the below information. Once we receive your order we will be in contact with you to confirm your order and let you know a time for delivery!

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